Digital Files

Digital Files are available for all manner of Personal or Professional Print, Publishing, and Advertising Applications (Websites, PowerPoint programs, Books, Periodicals, Brochures, Catalogs, Prints, Posters, Cards, Announcements, Invitations, and Calendars etc.).

Please submit your request through the message box provided on the “Contact” page of this website and include a brief description of your intended use for the image file(s). Please be sure to include your email address and phone number. Click here to visit the "Contact" Page.

Pricing for digital file use is very reasonable and will be addressed in my response to your request. My primary goal is to accommodate your needs regardless of your budget.

Images Available For Digital File Use

(Click on individual images to enlarge)

"As Cold As It Looks"

"Autumn Glow"

"Crunch Time"

"Deep Blue Icy"

"Easter Sunday" (B&W)

"Easter Sunday" (Color)


"Fall Reflections On The Yukon"

"Fall Spectrum"

"Good Company"


"Mid-summer Daydream"

"Money In The Bank"

"Neapolitan Ice Dream"

"Northern Comfort"

"November On The North Fork"

"Pure And Simple"


"September Morning"

"Shades Of Summer"

"Silver & Gold"

"Skylight At Midnight On The Yukon"

"Summer's Farewell"

"The Calm Before The Storm"

"The Homestead"

"Tie-dyed Sunset"


"Two Of A Kind"


"Wow's The Weather"

"Yukon Gold"

"Blonde Bachelor"