“Koyuk” – camera caddy extraordinaire

Top Honors in the gratitude department belong to my mother Elizabeth Heaphy--far and away my number-one "photo fan."

Special recognition, appreciation, and admiration go out to:

Dr. John F. MacArthur and "Grace To You" Ministries in Panorama City, California ( their part in keeping my focus and perspective sharpened.

Charles J. Alsheimer, Paul J. Fusco, Pete and Diane Curcio, Lauren Fraser, Tom and Barbara Crozier, Andrew Wright, Clint Bradley, Matthew Eaton, Brandy Chenoweth, Marcus Wengerd, Aaron Hershberger, Leroy Yoder, Eric Swenson, Adele Hamey, Nancy Haberman, and David Heyman--their professional knowledge and thoughtfulness have combined to make this website and its offerings possible.

Don Raleigh and Matt Kinne at Evolve Systems ( developing an excellent plan and platform for sharing my work with the world.

Lisa Downey Merriam at Merriam Associates ( selfless commitment in extending my reach.

Marcus Wengerd and his staff at Carlisle Printing ( superior printing services and unsurpassed customer support.

Kelli Sullivan and the folks at Iridium Satellite Communications ( a link to the rest of the world when things go bad.

Terence Klein and the staff at LFS Marine & Outdoor ( faithful and generous support regarding top quality outdoor clothing and accessories.

Paul Wagner and the Staffs at Minnesota Wire ( and The Vessey Chapter AUSA ( peerless models of how successful business and outreach operations ought to be run.

Phil Keaggy--whose instrumental masterpiece "The Wind And The Wheat" has accompanied me during many thousands of hours spent alone in the country.

The many other persons along the way who, by their kindness, have added “wind to my sails” and encouraged me to stay the course.

--Thank you All